In the beginning, there was fear.

This is really terrifying for me, this whole blog & business thing.

I’m not what you would call a tremendously confident person on the best of days. Putting myself out there like this is a HUGE step outside my comfort zone. The business part isn’t as big a deal as one might think. I am a wood worker by trade, and a long time gamer, and I see SHETTs as being something that could be useful to a lot of people. Sure, there is a bit of me that is horrified that no one will make a purchase, but the expense is limited by the fact that I already own the vast majority of the tools, and I have no expectations that this business will replace my income. If it does? Fan-friggin-tastic!! If it doesn’t? Well, hopefully it will generate enough to cover the small costs to start-up, and maybe enough to have a nice dinner every few weeks.

The really scary thing is the blog part.

As I’m sure everyone reading this knows, there are a lot of blogs out there already; and I mean a LOT!! Why should anyone listen to me? I like to think I’m a relatively intelligent guy, and occasionally have an interesting thought. My wife says I can write well enough, but why would anyone look at my blog? I’m not a confrontational guy, or controversial. I’m not important. I have many opinions, but I generally keep them to myself. If I ever actually get in to a discussion or an argument, I spend a lot of time thinking on what the other person/people say, mostly because I have so little confidence in my opinions that my first thought is usually “maybe I’m wrong”.

I’ve heard it said that that habit is a sign of intelligence, I hope it is.

So again, why would anyone read my blog?

The reality is that it probably won’t be read by many, and I have to accept that. However, there is a two-fold purpose to the blog:

First and foremost, it gets the damn thoughts out of my head! There are lots of ideas that keep me awake at night. Most are stupid. When you’re 3/4 asleep, they’re genius though, and I can, and have, spent many an hour lying in bed, thinking about some ludicrous idea that I realized was ludicrous only after I woke up all the way. Occasionally though I’ve have something worth documenting, and this blog gives me a forum. The plan is to keep a notebook by my bed and all the ideas will get written down, and out of my head, so I can (hopefully) stop thinking and get back to sleep.

Second, it gets me more comfortable expressing my ideas. Timidity isn’t usually a trait of success, and even the small amount of courage it takes to write about something in a public blog is a good thing. Small steps out my comfort zone lead to larger steps, and then hopefully to giant leaps.

A life lead with courage, is a life worth living.

So here goes…….. something?

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