My Thoughts on “Pat-Man”.

Lots of talk these last few days on Robert Pattinson as Batman, lots of negativity. I’m a huge superhero geek and have a pretty strong opinion on most things “superhero-y”, including the casting, starting with:

Robert Pattinson has talent!

He has done a LOT of movies since Twilight, and if you’re reacting to his casting based on his role in those (nearly 10yr old) movies then you need to check out some of his more recent stuff. They’re good, and they are definitely a step or 35 above Edward Cullen.  If written correctly, I think he can pull it off. Look at Michael Keaton, I wasn’t sure when he was cast but he pulled it off, because he has talent and the character was written REALLY well. Same with Christian Bale, talented and really well written movies!!

Thats the biggest issue with the last few takes on Batman, they don’t get the character right. Batman is not a funny guy, he is a rock. He always has a plan. His plans, have plans, and those backup plans have plans. He doesn’t crack jokes, he doesn’t get flustered, he is ALWAYS in control, of himself and of the situation he is in. I don’t recall Keaton’s Batman cracking a joke, and I’m pretty certain Bale’s Batman made one joke during the whole trilogy. (“So *thats* what that feels like.”) Its safe to say that those 2 takes on The Batman are arguably the most popular/successful interpretations.

He is dark, but he doesn’t kill anyone! His relationship with Superman works because they have the same beliefs and morals, but they come at it from diametrically opposed directions. Superman inspires people, but Batman scares people. “Be good, so you can be like Superman” vs “Be good, or Batman will come and get you”. Thats where the conflict comes from. They agree with each other, they believe in each other, they trust each other, they are just polar opposites. I’m not sure even the characters themselves understand why they don’t get along sometimes. I’ve read more than one story where the two of them disagree, and then pause, looking at each other confused, trying to figure out why they don’t agree.

But, Ive ranted a bit too much, and gone a bit off topic.

My point is, if the new Batman movie is written well, with the character done properly, anyone with acting talent, and even a marginally close appearance to Bruce Wayne’s comic book likeness could pull it off. Robert Pattinson has both. (He’s 6′ 1″ so he has enough height, he may need to bulk up a bit though.)

I think “Pat-Man” could really work! I’m willing to wait and see how he does.


Maybe try something I’ve been saying for years now: cast 2 different people! One as Bruce Wayne, and one as Batman!! They’re basically 2 different people. It’s crazy, but might work!

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