Things are Progressing

Been a while since I posted. Switched from the website to the army.

In my first post I mentioned that I am a gamer, what I didn’t mention was that I worked for Games Workshop for 8 years, 13 years ago. So yeah, this tray idea has been in my head for a while.

When I left GW I detoxed completely, and got rid of almost everything Games Workshop related. I haven’t rolled a handful of dice in puritanical anger since. I’m actually quite excited to get back into Warhammer 40K, especially since I went back to the VERY beginning for me, back to the Blood Angels.

I started playing 40K back in the mid 90’s, with 2nd Edition I think, and in my research to choose an army, fell in love with the Blood Angels, almost entirely because of Sanguinius. Pretty much everything about his story resonated with me. Not entirely sure why, it just did. I started collecting and painting, drybrushing my models with a crappy dollar store brush. When my wife and I moved to a city with an actual Games Workshop store, my painting started to improve tremendously. My near obsession with GW, and my personable nature, landed me a job at GW; eventually working my way from part timer, up to area manager. I’ve collected dozens of different armies, for all of the games of “my day”, and painted many hundreds, possibly thousands of models.

But that was over a dozen years ago, and if I kept 50 models, I’d be surprised. Getting back in is exciting, and intimidating. I’ve got a new starter box and rulebook, and the Blood Angels Codex; and have been doing lots of reading. I’ve also been doing some painting!

The new Blood Angels

Got the basecoat on 10 models, but need more paint now. (I think I may replace my old brushes, as well.) I’m quite pleased with how they’re turning out. Blowing off a decade (plus) of rust was a bit easier than I expected. The basecoat took quite a while, but I figure that’s 75% of the work done. Though experience tells me that I should expect the details that “won’t take too much time” will probably take more time than planned.

Still looking forward to it. And once they’re done, I get to play! Gotta figure out these new rules!

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