Basic Troopers Need Basic Paint Jobs

In my last blog I talked a bit about my history and working for Games Workshop. I mentioned that when I quit I got rid of most of my models, and that if I had 50 left I would be surprised. Well…… I was very wrong.

This weekend I have been painting the first 10 man Tactical Squad for my new army, and its basically done. Turned out pretty well.

Every thing done, but the bases!

With my unit basically done, I went looking for some flock for the bases. I knew I still had a bunch of modelling stuff so I went looking through it and discovered I have many more than just 50 models left. I was quite surprised just how many. It made me chuckle actually. Looked through all my old carrying cases and while I knew I had some unpainted models, I found some a bunch of other stuff I’d forgotten about, plus a whole crap-tonne of boxes of unassembled stuff I had no idea I still had. Much of it with the plastic wrap still on.

So…..yeah. Wow!

Doing the finishing touches on these models reminded me of an important rule that I always made sure to tell new customers during my retail days, and that I inadvertently followed when painting this squad:

Basic troopers only need basic paint jobs.

Your rank & file trooper really only needs to look good from 3 feet (or so) away. Few people are going to pick up and look closely at a regular model. People are much more interested in the flashy looking models, and if you want to paint to a high standard, those are the models you want to do it on. Basic troopers need basic paint jobs. The details on the models in the pic above have no more than 2 layers. The red has 3. They look great at an arms length, a little less great up close, but they’ll do just fine on a table top!

Its been nice to start with basic paint schemes, to brush up my painting skills on (Yeah, I went there) but I need to work on my speed. The other thing I did this weekend was write up an army list. I’m hoping to have 1000 points painted up before the end of the month, but considering my list, I think I’m gonna have to step things up. This squad took the better part of 2 weeks to do, and at that speed, it would be closer to the end of August to do 1000pts.

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