The Cry of “Steroids”!!

I hit the gym occasionally. I’m far from a huge, buff dude, but I do try to take care of myself. I have my “50 years” plan where I’m going to try to get in the best shape of my life for the age of 50, but I still have a few years for that.

To try and keep motivated I follow a bunch of fitness themed Instagram pages and during some browsing I came across this post/photo:

The original caption was: “Age is just a number”

Now, I don’t mind admitting that this perhaps not the most flattering pic in the world, but the guy is definitely “jacked”; and at 73 years old that is a hell of a physique!

Of course the comments were filled with cries of “steroids”, and I have thoughts about that. The first thought is: “who friggin’ cares?!?!” As a man ages the testosterone levels in your body naturally decrease. So this guy is almost definitely on something. Steroids pretty much always have a detrimental health effect, but the guy is 73! Chances are something is gonna get him in the not too terribly distant future anyway. My opinion: if you are that age and so inclined, go for it!

My second thought is: “how do you think steroids work?!?!” I have come across so many posts of “big” guys where people have cried “steroids” and I think people just wanna believe that its drugs and not hard work that gets people looking like that. For those people I have some info: steroids aren’t a magic potion. You don’t take them and wake up the next day with muscles. They promote muscle growth. They (basically) take 5 years of gruelling work and condense it down in to 3 years. To get a crazy muscled physique you still have to hit the gym very hard, very regularly for those years to get the results.


The fine print: Steroids are bad for you, ok? This article is just meant for information purposes and is not an endorsement.

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