Vs “The Dragon”

On the field of the Self stand a Knight, and a dragon.

You are the knight.

Resistance is the dragon.

-Steven Pressfield
“Do the Work”

I’ve been wanting to do this business…..well any business actually, for a very long time. I have a very difficult time, especially lately, working for other people. It’s pretty much all about the totally bullshit “Trickle Down Theory“.

It started when I began my apprenticeship. I was about 2 years in and I was literally told that I was the best apprentice the company had ever had, yet when I went and asked for a raise, I was turned down.

Since then, I’ve worked about 10 different jobs in 10 years, and I’ve pretty much decided that if I can stop working for other people, it would be much better for my sanity. It’s one of the reasons I’m applying for the military. I’ll be working with people, but for the government.

If that doesn’t work out, or hopefully in addition to the military; I wanna do this.

Its not easy though.

I’ve hit a block; and as usual, I’ve been doing some reading. (Which is actually part of the block, now that I think about it. ) I’ve read “Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield, and have moved on to “The War of Art”, also by him. In both he talks about “resistance”, which he describes as a force that comes into being as soon as you decide you want to create (whether that creation is a book, a business, a fitness regime, or anything) whose sole purpose is to STOP you. The stronger your desire to create, the stronger your resistance. Resistance will do, or say anything to stop you, it will pull every dirty trick it can, and it has stopped me cold.

I’ve encountered fear, and doubt. I’ve been distracted. I’ve just plain procrastinated. I’ve been “gathering tools and material”. I’ve been “busy”; and as you can see, I’ve been “doing research”. Including reading up on how to get my ass going again. Resistance has had me doing absolutely anything to prevent me from just -Doing the Work-, even stuff that might seem entirely legitimate.

Its been more than a month since my last post, and I’m hoping that this post will be the first of many, and that “the dragon” of resistance will be easier to slay tomorrow.

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