Taste Test: Trace Alkaline Spring Water

Other than oxygen, the single most important thing we put into out bodies is water. Water consumption is one of the greatest indicators of our health; if you drink lots of water, generally speaking, you are of better health.

With so many options for bottled water, my wife and I decided we would try some taste testing. We are definitely not water sommeliers, so don’t expect much, but we’ll do our best!


  • Bridesville, BC, Canada – $1.99 CAD
  • TMC/TDS* – 140
  • 1 L Plastic Bottle
  • Ozonated

Being Canadian we have a lot of options for “local” water, so I had never seen this brand before my wife brought it home. It comes in a plastic bottle, which makes it feel like its less recyclable, but in reality we just tossed it in our bin to have it picked up with the rest of our plastics. (No return for deposit refund here in Ontario.) At 1 litre, it was a larger bottle, as bottled water goes, making it reasonably priced.

We served this right out of the fridge. It has a really low TMC/TDS making it odorless and virtually tasteless, especially to people with no experience with this sort of thing. We did feel like there was just a hint of texture, almost gritty feeling to it, though in our hunt for something to discuss, we may have imagined it. Or perhaps that had something to do with the bottling process?

Either way, this was very crisp and clean tasting water. Definitely something I would drink on a hot day, or after exercising.

*TMC/TDS – Total Mineral Content, Total Dissolved Solids