The Fitness Industry is Crap

Before joining the military, my wife was a personal trainer, for years before that she was interested in fitness and health. All told, she’s been self educating and “proper” educating about fitness for almost 25 years. I’ve absorbed a lot just through association, and I can say with confidence there is really only one absolute … Continue reading The Fitness Industry is Crap

“Good Enough”….Isn’t

There are few things in the world as personally satisfying as doing something well. Conversely there are few things in the world as disappointing as doing a job poorly, when you know you could have done better. There are a lot of factors that determine the outcome of job, many of which are out of … Continue reading “Good Enough”….Isn’t

Super Fast Motorcycles and Impulse Control

The Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. When introduced in 1999 it quickly gained fame as the fastest production motorcycle in the world, with a top speed of 300+ kph. Its SUPER fast…. …..Ive always wanted one. Motorcyclists are often viewed by those that drive with 4-wheels as reckless; and as more and more people purchased Hayabusas they … Continue reading Super Fast Motorcycles and Impulse Control

Motivation vs Discipline

Motivation is great. Being excited to do something makes it so much easier to do. Its easy to get things done when you are excited to do them. Motivation and enthusiasm are fantastic to get you started on a project, but enthusiasm wanes and motivation fluctuates. Motivation comes in bursts, and is generally pretty fragile. … Continue reading Motivation vs Discipline

Taste Test: Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral Water

Other than oxygen, the single most important thing we put into out bodies is water. Water consumption is one of the greatest indicators of our health; if you drink lots of water, generally speaking, you are of better health. In 2015 the bottled water industry was valued at $185 billion (US), and is forecast to … Continue reading Taste Test: Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral Water

A COVID-19 Conspiracy?

Conspiracy theorists provoke a weird dichotomy of feelings in me. On the one hand I love conspiracies. I find them interesting. Listening to someone string together a hodge-podge of facts and theories to come to a bizarre conclusion is fascinating to me. I'm not sure precisely what I find so interesting; maybe its because I … Continue reading A COVID-19 Conspiracy?