The purpose of this blog is to find “moments”.

There is nothing in this world I enjoy more than “the moment”.

I can be sparked by anything, a book, a movie, music, a conversation. Most of the time, they are fleeting, lost as fast as they come. Sometimes, if I am extremely lucky, they are so profound they alter my perception permanently.

There really is no way to describe them. Something is read, or heard, or said, and for a split second I see the world different. An idea has exploded in my head. A truth has triggered a mental earthquake that has suddenly shifted my way of looking at things.

An entire universe of ideas and thoughts opens up infront of me. For a split second, I am in utter, dumbfounded awe of the world around me. EVERYTHING is a miracle, and I am humbled…..


…..for that same split second I am aware that I am PART of that miracle too. I am a unique, perfect part of something so large, so complex that it can only be perceived a split second at a time.

These moments are the ones I live for. Perfect moments of clarity, that blaze across my thoughts like comets. For a fleeting second, I feel like I am on the cusp of comprehending something immence, and profound.

Then it’s gone.

No matter how hard I try, those rare moments move on, and I am lost again, searching for another moment.

I feel it a privilege; to be able to stop and experience excitement, and wonder, and possibilities, and even a bit of fear.

To notice a few concordant notes of insight, lost in the cacophony of living.