Super Fast Motorcycles and Impulse Control

The Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. When introduced in 1999 it quickly gained fame as the fastest production motorcycle in the world, with a top speed of 300+ kph. Its SUPER fast….

…..Ive always wanted one.

Motorcyclists are often viewed by those that drive with 4-wheels as reckless; and as more and more people purchased Hayabusas they became controversial. Inevitably people with more money than riding ability or common sense purchased them and started killing themselves. (In the motorcycling community, we call those people “zip-splats”.)

On an extremely powerful motorcycle, as well as life in general, impulse control is important.

Like most skills, impulse control is complimentary. In my experience, it works in tandem with common sense, identifying which impulses to control, and discipline. An impulse to buy your wife flowers is less crucial to control than an impulse to go 300kph on a motorcycle, and infinitely less likely to get you killed.

Anyone that has bought groceries has encountered a scenario designed to take advantage of societies lack of impulse control; those racks of candy bars near the checkout are there for a reason. A situation that is a microcosm of life. Online shopping makes it just as easy, if not more easy to impulse buy. All it takes is a single click of the finger and a person can spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Of course impulse control is about more than spending money, or even always stopping yourself; sometimes its about NOT stopping yourself. An impulse to buy your wife flowers is one that you should never control. If you ever get an impulse to be selfless, I would suggest to always follow through.

Every day we encounter a multitude of impulses; split second decisions that can be controlled easily by just thinking about them, and turning them into “full blown” decisions. Take a 5 count and decide if your impulse is inline with your goals, or is beneficial in other ways, then follow through…..or not.