Critical Thinking & Dunning-Kruger

OR "Stupid People Aren't Smart Enough to Know They're Stupid" Recently, in my home town, there was an event that grabbed attention all over the world: the trucker “Freedom Rally”. Like so many topics now-a-days, it was an extremely polarizing event. Everyone had/has an opinion on the trucker protests, and many other topics, and it … Continue reading Critical Thinking & Dunning-Kruger

Fear: Messenger or Mind Killer?

"Fear is the messenger, not the message." I read this in a book many years ago, and I try very hard to live by it. Any time I feel myself getting angry or scared of something I try to stop and examine my fear; to figure out why I am afraid and what my fear … Continue reading Fear: Messenger or Mind Killer?

Overthinking It: Doctor Who – Amy & Rory

My wife and I are Doctor Who fans. It's entirely “New Who” though I do remember watching a handful of Classic Who episodes as a kid. Over the holidays we had a big Doctor Who marathon, mostly cherry picking our favourite episodes, until we hit the most recent stuff. Our personal favourite Doctor is Matt … Continue reading Overthinking It: Doctor Who – Amy & Rory

Oh Look!! Another “Year In Review” Blog!!

Well, the year is done, and the inevitable “Year in Review”, and “New Year, New You” posts are coming. I have a blog (that I occasionally write in), so I figured I would jump in and contribute. A bit over a year ago, I was in a rough place. Thanks to COVID I had been … Continue reading Oh Look!! Another “Year In Review” Blog!!

Feminism, Sexism, & Blurry Lines

While I was in Borden for my training, Zack Snyder's Justice League was released for streaming. Being in Borden and not having access to a decent tv set up, I had to wait several months to view it. Four hours is a bit of a haul for a movie, but to me it didn't feel … Continue reading Feminism, Sexism, & Blurry Lines

The Meaning of Life.

I love a good, thought provoking quote. I look for quotes everywhere, and have found many. (The Word document that I keep them all in is 26 pages, and always getting longer.) I find most on a couple of Instagram pages I follow dedicated to Stoics, and thinkers in general; but I’ve found good quotes … Continue reading The Meaning of Life.

Taking Breaks, and James Bond

Wow, its been so long since my last post I had to look the date up. (Somewhat humorously, as I write this, its been exactly 4 months.) Now, according to Motivational Speaker Law, I must have some sort of melt down, and feel super bad about being a lazy ass and not doing anything for … Continue reading Taking Breaks, and James Bond

Overthinking It: Superman’s Fighting Skills – Appropriate or Lame?

I profess my love for Superman on a somewhat regular basis. Though I can’t fly, or lift a car over my head, I try to uphold the ideals he stands for daily: helping those in need, doing the right thing, being an inspiration to others. I think the world would be a much better place … Continue reading Overthinking It: Superman’s Fighting Skills – Appropriate or Lame?