Overthinking It: Rescue Armour

One of the things my wife and I like to do when we’re looking for something to put on for noise is head to the Marvel section of Disney+, pick a number, scroll over that many, and hit play. Yesterday that landed us on Iron Man 3.

I had forgotten the scene when Tony’s house gets attacked and Pepper gets to wear the armour. It got me thinking about her finally get her own armour in Avengers: Endgame…..

…..and I started Overthinking It.

Now it seems to me that he could have made her armour a few movies ago, but didn’t; and after a few minutes, I realized why: he has a kid now!

Up until this point he has been in various stages of love with Pepper, and maybe his ego has said he is going to be her hero and protector, which he can’t do if she could protect herself. There is no denying that she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself in most situations, but there probably will be situations where he is going to have to swoop in and save her; so: no armour! (Not a conscious decision, obviously, he’d never deliberately put her in danger.)

……..but now they are married and have a child.

I think he suddenly realized that he would do anything to protect Morgan, even set aside his ego and enlist help; so he made a suit of armour for Pepper. The last time he suited up he was brutally beaten by Thanos and probably realized that he can’t do everything alone, so he enlisted the help of the person he trusts most in the world, whom he also knows would absolutely lay down their life to protect Morgan.

And so “Rescue” was born (no really, that’s what her superhero alter ego is named in the comics), and a pretty badassed scene for a movie was created. I suppose, if you overthink it, it could be argued that Morgan Stark is responsible for the creation of a whole new superhero.