“He Who Has a Why…”

Been quite a bit of “radio silence” on my blog lately, but there is a reason for that: I’m back to life in the military. I’ve reported to school and have been doing actual learning for a few days. Relearning how to soldier is a bit anxiety inducing, since (generally) military instructors are a rather unforgiving group, but I haven’t made any mistakes that have required a dressing down…….yet.

Despite the challenges and hardships of military life on base, (especially a base with COVID restrictions) I am quite happy at the moment; though that might not be the proper term. I was thinking back on posts I have made over the past few months, regarding my legacy, and life, and finding meaning. Coming back to the school has been challenging, but in the grander scheme of things, it’s actually quite a relief: I feel like my life is moving again.

I’m sure the next few months of training aren’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine, but at the end there will be a result. The most difficult thing over the last months of being at home has been that the challenge has a “non-event” at the end. What happens when COVID is “over”? Well……just continue on as normal. There is no goal other than to survive; and while that is a worthy goal, and definitely worth fighting toward, it isn’t really a win, its just not losing.

Continuing my schooling is going to have its own challenges, but:

Finding meaning in your challenges and making progress towards goals can balance the negative aspects of living. Finding a why in your day to day challenges is not always easy, but once you can identify your why, you should find that your challenges are not lessened, but, at the very least, endurable. If that isn’t the case, then either you’ve identified the wrong why, or perhaps your why isn’t strong enough, in which case I would reexamine your situation.