Fear: A Superpower?

My last post was about fear being a bad thing, and there are many situations where that is absolutely true; but there are also many situations where fear can be a good thing.

I mentioned in my last post that “Any time I feel myself getting angry or scared of something I try to stop and examine my fear; to figure out why I am afraid and what my fear is telling me.”

Once you have identified where your fear is coming from, what triggered it, and why, you can use it against itself…..

Your fear can become a tool.

The post before my last was about Doctor Who, coincidentally the series has a great speech about being scared, in a brilliant episode called “Listen”. (Season 8, Episode 4)

Hopefully it starts where I want it to! (Never tried this before.)

“Being scared is a Superpower” is a great way of putting it, because all of the physiological side effects of being scared can allow you to do amazing things, or terrible things. Fear can be a tool, but like any tool (and any superpower) the results achieved by its use are in the hands of the person wielding it, and to properly wield it you need to know how it works. To control fear you need to be able to understand it. Where is it coming from, and why? What does it want me to do?

Pausing in the midst of fear is extremely challenging, but it is absolutely critical. Uncontrolled fear is a destructive thing; but directed fear, aimed fear, can be powerful, and even useful!

Like most things in life, fear is not a black & white topic. It’s not, in and of itself, good or bad. Fear is really all about what it does to you, and what you do with it.