Ironic Social Media Opinion

One of my favourite things to do on social media is look at comments. Sometimes I’m looking for credibility on a post, and looking at comments leaves the work to other people. Sometimes I’m trying to see how closely my opinion follows others. Sometimes its for a laugh.

To get what I’m looking for I often have to wade through mountains of comments and opinions, and to get to the posts that interest me, I also have to wade through equally large mountains of posts. It seems to me that certain social media platforms are entirely used to express opinions. I don’t mind that, but sometimes it can be frustrating.

There are times when I kinda wonder why people are offering their opinions. The other day, my wife showed me an Instagram post of a heavy set woman, whose page was loaded glamour and fashion photographs. Inevitably there were comments telling her she was fat. Why? Just in case she didn’t already know?

I follow several politicians on social media, and I have many friends that have strong political beliefs; and I’ve seen many times where non-political posts get hijacked and become political. Politicians generally have pretty thick skin, but why are these people making these comments? I’m sure the person really wants to hear your opinion about the municipal property tax rate on their pics with local food bank volunteers.

Its ok to have an opinion, but there is a time and place, and it seems to me that there are many people out there that don’t seem to know when that is.

Opinions are like assholes: it can feel humiliating, but get them examined. If an expert says something’s wrong with yours, believe them.

stolen from Twitter.

I follow a certain set of rules if I’m going to post a comment or venture an opinion:

First, I’ll have a look at the existing comments, and if someone has already made a point that’s the same or similar, I won’t comment. What’s the point?

Second, I decide if my comment is appropriate. If its insulting, or could be taken that way, I (usually) won’t make it. There is enough negativity on social media already, and I often find my mood starts to slide if I look at too much of it, why would I add to that?

Third, I’ll examine my motives for leaving a comment. WHY am I leaving a comment? If I’m trying to make someone smile, or cheer someone up, I often go for it. Same if I’m building on something, I want to add to a post, offer some new information, or expand on some existing info.

Fourth, is my comment relevant and on topic? There have been many times I’ve seen comments that have nothing to do with the post, or questions asked that are answered if the commenter had only read, or retained, or understood, the information posted.

Opinions are like penises: its ok to have one, and ok to be proud of it; but if you rub it in my face, we’re going to have a problem.


People need to get over themselves. It really is ok to have an opinion, but just because you have one doesn’t mean that anyone has to listen to it, or agree with it. If someone disagrees with your opinion, that’s ok. They’re just as entitled to an opinion as you are. It’s also ok to NOT have an opinion. Not having an opinion doesn’t make you stupid.

Most importantly, having an opinion doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone what it is! I’ve been involved in conversations that have been interrupted by people so they could offer their opinion, and contrary to what I’m sure they were thinking, the only thing I cared about was “Who asked them? And why are they interrupting?”

Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, and they often stink.


Social media has created an environment where people feel that since they have an opinion, they are required to announce it, and we are required to listen to it. That more than anything frustrates me.

Yes, I do appreciate the irony of my post. I’m honest enough to admit that I would like people to read this post, but I also understand that I’m not well known, or popular enough that this will be read by many people, or even anyone. The stats for my site would indicate that I have one regular reader, which may be my wife, but is most likely me, making sure that my post worked.

But I’m ok with that, just because I have an opinion, doesn’t mean that you have to read it.