Overthinking it: Everett Ross in Black Panther

I love Marvel movies. We own them all. In preparation for the release of Avengers: Endgame last year, my wife and I watched 11 Marvel movies, back to back. I’ve watched all the movies multiple times, and I tend to notice things that only hardcore fans notice; and I tend to (over) think of things that most people wouldn’t even consider.

Example: Everett Ross is a huge music fan.

Consider this scene in Black Panther:

In this scene Everett Ross (played by Martin Freeman) saw Ulysses Klaue (played by Andy Serkis) enter with a bunch of henchmen and comments “Quite the entourage, do you have a mix tape coming out?” Klaue says yes he does and he can send Ross the SoundCloud link if he likes. (Ross’ response is above.)

Now, last time I watched this scene I couldn’t get Ross’ comment out of my head: “Please, don’t make me listen to your music.”

“….. **MAKE** me listen….”

“Make”? That’s a weird word to use. There is no way that Klaue can make Ross listen to his music if he sends the link. Ross could junk it without opening it if he wanted to. That’s when I came up with the theory “Everett Ross is a huge music lover”.

Think about it. If he’s a huge music fan, he would always be on the lookout for new music. If Klaue sent him a SoundCloud link, he might be able to ignore it for a while, but then his curiosity would get the better of him, and because he loves music so much, he would have to open it and listen, “just in case it’s actually good”. That’s why Ross doesn’t want Klaue to send him the link, because he knows he’ll eventually listen to it. He expects it is going to be awful, but he’ll need to listen to it to be sure.

“Please, don’t make me listen to your music.”

Makes perfect sense, right?