Terry Crews and Black Supremacy

I think I’m missing something.

I woke up this morning and was browsing through the news headlines with my coffee, like I do every morning, when I saw a headline about Terry Crews. I quite like Terry Crews as an actor, and I follow him on a few social media platforms, so I thought I would have a browse. It turns out that he said something controversial on Twitter, which I didn’t see because Twitter is the one social media platform I don’t actually use that much.

I don’t really understand why his comment is controversial. I had a browse through his comments to see where the controversy was, and ran into one of the (in my opinion) big problems with social media: people were expressing their outrage, but not WHY they were outraged; and of course lots and lots of insults. There were some positive comments as well; it seemed to be about 50/50.

Many people seemed to get stuck on his mention of “Black Supremacy”. When I read it I figured that he meant that without white allies in the fight against white supremacy, you create an environment where a movement like black supremacy could be possible. I don’t think he was actually promoting the creation of a black supremacy movement, or suggesting there was one, though I’d bet that there actually is one.

Within every movement there are always extremists. I’ve read feminist posts that suggest that men should be sterilized and fertile “breeders” be kept in (basically) farms. Examples of feminism like that are rare, so rare that after 30min of searching I couldn’t find anything to link to for this post, but there are feminists out there like that; and there will be extremist people like that in the BLM movement. That doesn’t mean that they will have enough power to affect change, but to deny that they exist is naive.

While they may exist, that doesn’t mean that Terry Crews was promoting them, or is one. If you read the post it actually equates black supremacy to white supremacy (which is obviously bad) and further suggests that the BLM movement needs white allies to avoid black supremacy.

That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Am I missing something?