My Phone is Not my Friend.

I spend way, way, WAY too much time on my phone, doing pointless things. It frustrates me greatly. I know that I should spend less time on it than I do, but somehow I always end up picking up my phone and staring at social media.

My phone. (Kingsman is an AMAZING movie!)

I’m not even sure WHY I pick up my phone. Consciously I know that there is nothing on social media that is so important that I need to look as regularly as I do, but every time I find myself with a few minutes of spare time, suddenly my phone is in my hand. I takes deliberate and focused attention to NOT pick up my phone.

What annoys me most is that there are things I would very much rather be doing. Any regular reader of this blog knows that I have plans for next year, plans that require a certain amount of physical fitness. My greatest impediment to going to working out? My phone.

I very much want to write a novel. I have a large portion of the plot planned out. I’ve got a great writing program, on a laptop that I bought specifically for writing. I am, in fact, writing this blog post on both. My biggest road block to starting? Well that’s actually a crippling amount of self doubt, but my second biggest is my phone.

Cleaning the house? My phone.

Reading? My phone.

I have found that my phone can be a real detriment to my mental health too. Any time I have had mental difficulties, my phone has distracted me from doing things that would be beneficial. (Like most of the constructive things I just mentioned.)

My *actual* average this week, and this is with me TRYING to put my phone down. (Today is a good day though.)

It’s startling, and more than a little disappointing, to think of how much I could get done, and how much better my life could be, if I could just put my phone down.

My wife and I were watching a TV show recently, one that I unfortunately cannot remember; but there was an amazing quote in it.

“Life is better when you make things happen, instead of just letting things happen.”

Sadly I’ve gotten into the habit of staring at my phone and letting life happen to me, instead of making life happen. The thing that disappoints me the most is that I know that I’m doing it, and yet can’t seem to stop.

My phone is an amazing tool. Those workouts that I can’t seem to do? Most of the exercises that I do I looked up on my phone. That book I want to write? My notes are on my phone. Those books I want to read? I found, and researched on my phone. It is an AMAZING tool. It has helped me to determine what kind of life I want to lead, but unfortunately it has become an impediment to that life.

One that I really need to deal with….