Taking Breaks, and James Bond

Wow, its been so long since my last post I had to look the date up.

(Somewhat humorously, as I write this, its been exactly 4 months.)

Now, according to Motivational Speaker Law, I must have some sort of melt down, and feel super bad about being a lazy ass and not doing anything for months! Consider this my apology and rebound post!!

Which is a lame joke, and total bullshit, of course.

I’m not really sure why people often feel guilty about taking time off. There seems to be this societal pressure that we must always be moving forward, or doing something constructive at all times. “No breaks! Just grind! Time off is for the weak!” We have conditioned ourselves that the destination is more important than the journey, when in reality the journey is just as, if not MORE, important.

Grinding is great in the short term. If you can handle it, sure, work until you hit your goals. In reality though, most of us do not have that kind of mental or physical stamina. Most who have goals have long term goals. Going 100% for extended periods can make the journey shorter, but will likely make that journey a miserable experience; and miserable journeys often ruin the destinations at the end. Is a 10yr goal going to be ruined if it takes 11yrs instead? Probably not. However, the journey will likely be a lot more enjoyable if you take a few weeks break every year. (For those that don’t want to do the math, 5 weeks off every year adds less than a year to a 10yr goal.)

My several month break had less to do with resting, and more to do with disruption. My military training happened (12 weeks) and my routine got messed up enough that when I got home I struggled to open my laptop and write something. (There may have been a Bond movie marathon in there, but I will confirm / deny nothing!) I do have some guilt for not being more disciplined, but I’m trying my best to just pick up where I left off, like nothing happened. (”They” say that that is the best thing to do.)

My life is a bit more predictable now, so hopefully I can establish a new routine and “Flush my Mind” a bit more regularly.

I still have a few days worth of Bond movies to watch though, I’m only up to Timothy Dalton, so I guess we’ll just have so see!